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1-1 Mentorship

You already are or becoming Holistic Health Practitioner, Energy Medicine practitioner, a Personal Trainer, Life Coach Nutritionist or Yoga therapist on a journey to grow your knowledge,your protocols, your business and help your clients get visible results on all levels- physically, emotionally, mentally and Spiritually. 

You feel that u have stagnated in your knowledge,business and protocols that can't provide visible and clear results anymore.  

Or you have just started your practice and would like to get more confidence and knowledge. You need help with analysis and date collection of the client, protocols and coaching system.You feel its time to open up your client case studies to a Mentor that can provide you with insights and guide you and your client together towards protocols and healing Modalities that will enhance your clients healing process. 


You-yourself is going through healing transition. 

You know that healing your clients is healing yourself and you are ready to step up into your own shadows and parts of yourself that are Limiting your career to progress.
You are called to step up for yourself and for your clients. 

You are in transition of your old ways of coaching into a new version of coaching

You don't have clarity where your career is going and what you should do next. 

You realize that its time to expand your knowledge deeper and enter the blueprint of knowing the Self within out in full alignment. You feel you were maybe too focused only on one body (physical,emotional, mental or spiritual) of the client but now u want to understand and learn about how  all 4 bodies work in Union, alignment and flow so your client can trive in all aspects of their life. You have a calling to expand your practice and learn Modalities that suit you and your client in this moment of time. 

There is a reason you are here.You have a calling to express your gifts and passion on a deeper level.


You are ready to shine


You are ready to teach coach and guide with confidence, deeper knowing, inner alignment and clarity. You will be guided on a "Darma" journey within yourself and create a safe  temple for your clients to trive and be nourished with in that container.


You will be entering a quantum journey and unique Master Program that combines Modern Neuroscience, Holistic Health, Naturopathy with Traditional Shamanic Wisdom of Indigenous Tribes

Topics we will cover

1. Self exploration, shadow work, healing and growth
2. Clients case study presentation and deep evaluation 
3. Restructuring the business system
4. Adding and removing what can give the most visible results for your clients in the stage they are now and where they want to be
5.Education of new Holistic modalities and embodiment into the self first- before application on client.
6. Data collection and analysis of the client
7. Learning how to make bespoke holistic protocols with clarity 
8.Learn how to become aware of the journey they are on so u can change, add or remove in instant for there expansion.
9. Learn and embody intuition and yourself as a Chanel to feel the client and what is happening in their body, mind and energy to efficiently act and make ways for success
10.Learn how to implement Herbs, supplements, nutrition, movement, energy medicine healing into the bespoke protocols.


You know u came here for a reason!
U are awakening
You are rising your consciousness
You are healing
You are becoming
Let's go through this journey 

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