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Women's Holistic Health & Transpersonal Process 


You are a women that is ready to dive deep Into understanding and healing of her own Body, Mind, Emotions and Spirit on a deeper level. 

You seek answers to heal and learn from your physical  symptoms that Body is representing , is that lack of clarity, hormonal disbalance, irregular periods, digestive issues, fatigue, rash, breathing difficulties, back pain, excessive weight, bloating, constipation, female organ misalignment.
You believe that your body is doing something that you can't understand quite yet and there is miscommunication and disconnect with your body.

You are frequently experiencing emotional disbalance or specially during ovulation or PMS period.  Your sleep is disturbed or u are not able to fall alseep and wake up tired in the morning. 

You are maybe going through a traumatic period in your life and experiencing emotions like, sadness, grief, hurt, anger or betrayal. 

Or you always had a lingering feeling that what u are doing is never enough.
When u decide to take rest or take care of yourself you are experiencing emotions like shame and guilt and there is a belief that u shouldn't be selfish and others have priority over you. 

You are experiencing times where you are overwhelmed, feeling lonely, unloved or disconnected from the World itself which follows with behaviours like isolating yourself and eating unhealthy food that is in the moment giving u feeling of satisfaction but after u feel guilty, ashamed or even discussed. 

You are successful women in one part of your life but u feel there is always parts of yourself you are dismissing, ignoring, suppressing or "don't have time" for to fully express. 

In your mind there is always fight between 2 or more parts of yourself that are never agreeing or deciding what is that what you really want. 



Sometimes you even question

Who am I at all?


What is the purpose of my life? 




 You want it all,

You deserve it all

You are ALL 

Full alignment of your Health, Body shape, emotional health ,mental clarity,focus, direction, freedom, divine femininity, openness, creativity, sex drive, pleasure, energy. 

You want to love yourself and become your biggest chirlider and fan of that Firce Wild women that is in her full power. 

The Women that is radiating confidence, inner peace, shinning Warrior Queen. 
The women that knows her self on all levels and is not afraid to fully express ALL parts of who she is. 

Ouh yes my love it is possible
Because that's who you are already 

We will go on a journey of remembering who you are deep inside. 

Entering this unique Master Program that combines 
Modern Neuroscience, Holistic Health, Naturopathy with Traditional Shamanic Wisdom of Indigenous Tribes 
You know u came here for a reason! 


U are awakening
You are rising your consciousness
You are healing

You are becoming

Let's go through this journey together  
Apply for your Mentorship program
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