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The Earth& Fire Cleanse

The Healing powers of Temazcal/Temas'kal

Having experienced different Ceremonies around the World of Sweat lodge with many Shamanic traditions, this one was unique as all others. The true rebirth of Physical, Mental,Emotional and Spiritual body.

A Temazcal or a Sweat Lodge is traditionally a very small space build of wood,mud and cloth or volcanic rocks or cement in a circular dome shape created as a womb of the mother Earth for rebirth closely Integrated with the Earth and jungle itself.This pactice is believed to have originated with the ancient tribes of Mexico (such as the Aztecs, the Olmecs, and the Mayans).

In front of temazcal our bodies have been cleansed with traditional herbs, plants and rapeh snuff was served by the shaman with intention for todays rebirth and experience. The doors are faced to the East.

Once the "doors" open 15 to 20 participants enter the womb of the mother side by side in a circle. We enter the dome from right to left and exit the dome clockwise. After everyone is settled shaman brings in volcanic rocks where we sing and chant welcoming the rocks.

The medicinal herbal water is poured on the rocks which can include artemisa, eucalyptus, calendula, and echinacea or resin from Copal tree.

Traditional medicine songs are sang with a bit of a drum. We work with 4 bodies and 4 directions.

4 bodies - Physical




4 directions East




The Ceremony can last between 2 to 4 hours.

In every direction and every body u have a different experience,cleanse, visions and lesson.

I was in ow watching one of the shamans/curandera and her just little baby inside of the tamazkal, going through this experience as well.

The hardest time is near the end when we enter emotional and spiritual bodies where we start fully experiencing the transcendental state of consciousness where body and mind desolve and higher consciousness takes over.

The melting, sweating and the weakness of the body puts us in a state of deep vulnerability and open heart to fully surrender to higher Source. Thats where the Magic happens.

The visions start to appear the Ancestors are fully present and the Spirits of the Earth are giving messages.

In that moment our body feels one with the Earth, you start expressing different sounds through your voice as a vibrational healing and energy alchamisation start molding your brain waves. Brain starts rewiring different neuralpathways and rebirth of one Self starts emerging.

Upon coming out of the swat lodge in silence, bearfoot, we walked through the jungle into a river pound. Earthing back into our bodies and reflecting on the experience.

The Awareness of the Self,jungle, wild animals and people around u, started expanding- we bacame one with all that is.

Jelena Petelinkar

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