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Alchemy of Miraculous creation of LIFE-Our Body

Updated: Dec 17, 2018

The question is: Do we know our bodies?

What they are made from, how they work and how can we help the Body become the most energetic, healthy, in balance, emotionally stable, powerful and easy adjustable to circumstances?

How to help it heal itself and become a channel of the energies that surround us in the Universe?

The physical Body, far from being all we are is merely a densest, most extended visible part of a much greater mechanism. When one become aware of how astonishing and magnificent the “Body” is, life takes another level of existence.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine focus is on the "The body's vital energy ( chi' or qi') that circulates through channels, called Meridians, that have branches connected to bodily organs and functions. The Meridians are pathways(channels) in which QI- energy and blood in the human body are circulated. They connect to the” Zang fu”( expl. down below) Interiorly and extend over the body exteriorly, forming a network and linking the tissues and organs into an organic whole. If we would like to pick point where exactly .

These meridians are going through the answer would be between the FASCIA. Every meridian is connected to an organ that carries a particular emotion. If its out of the balance these emotions will manifest and express in daily life. (fear anger, anxiety, depression, sadness, guilt) Blockages in Meridians can lead to health imbalances and diseases.

In TCM- Body, mind and spirit is integrated and works as a Whole.

The "qi" or the energy is focused on "Zang Fu".

"ZANG" presents Yin organs end energy which is connected from roots of the Mother Earth and its connecting to sole of our feet coming up all the way to the knees, hips, pelvic floor, into the stomach spreading to the heart. Yin energy is feminine energy and

Yin organs are: Heart, Liver, Lungs, spleen, kidneys.

"FU" presents Yang organs and energy that comes from the Universe down to our scalp, through our head down towards the throat into the chest and meeting Yin energy in the Hearth center . Yang energy represents Masculine energy.

Yang organs are : Small intestine, Gall bladder, large intestine, Stomach, bladder.

The mysterious play of fire and water that creates human life has its roots deep in kidneys. The kidneys contain both our basal metabolic yang life-fire, which is the foundation heat of our very existence, and watery yin, which is the rich, living essence of life. It is play between yin and yang that makes our lives possible: The yang fire brings to life the otherwise dormant yin, allowing it to engender our blood, lymph and reproductive fluids while the yin prevents the yang from consuming us whole.

Together, the two create the steam, or qi, which allows us to live and move.

5 Elements represent the fundamental qualities of all matter.

1.Fire- Symptoms of weak Fire: Pale face, dull complexion, poor blood circulation, palpitations or exertion, tiredness, fatigue, insomnia 2.Earth- Symptoms of weak Earth: Worrying, lack of muscle tone, weak muscles, weight gain, chronic fatigue, digestive problems, diarrhea, menstrual irregularities 3.Metal- Symptoms of weak Metal-Dry cough, flus and cold, asthma, dry nose and skin, dry stool, constipation 4.Water- Symptoms of weak Water-Low sex drive, low back pain, bedwetting, poor memory, ringing ear, loss of hearing, cloudy thinking, spontaneous sweating 5.Wood-Symptoms of weak Wood-PMS, headache, fertility issues, dry eyes, cold hands and feet, lack of motivation, chest tightness, neck and shoulder pain, overstressing

What are some of the Healing methods that can help you balance your Body?

Acupuncture, acupressure, myofascial release, chi-gong, tai chi, Stretching (holding postures 2-3 min to work on ligaments and joints .)

Why these methods ?

All of them are focusing on Cleansing and activating Meridians from stuck energy in the Body.

Thank you for staying with me and exploring your body deeper

Truly yours


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