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Having been working in Holistic Wellness and Fitness field for last 15 years and studying on University of Health and Fitness, studying Yin and Vinyasa Yoga as well as Pilates, researching and applying the Biohacking tools on myself, the Movement is one of the most crucial Rituals to our Health, Mental and Emotional Stability.

Increasing oxytocine, dopamine and seratonin levels in our body which helps the body reduces symptoms of depression and anxiety.

It is maintaining our cardiovascular system, your heart pumps more blood, delivering more oxygen to your working muscles. With regular exercise, your heart becomes more efficient and adept at moving oxygen into your blood, making your muscles more efficient.

Keeping the Muscles strong and healthy, which improves our stability and posture during aging process, keeps our ligaments and joints healthy. Helping fascia release the tension, improves lung health, which can significantly help with energy levels.

Body movement is waking up the bodily functions, connection with the breath leads towards the essence of our being Movement is helping the body to energize the body and keeps it healthy and young. Combining Muscle contraction movement will increase masculine energy within you and align hormones, and stretching movements (like yin yoga, tai chi, chi gong) where yo are calming your body and preparing into enter parasympathetic nervous system for rejuvenation and sleep.

I leaned from One of my Mentors Paul Chek how important is to express the energy out but also to take a new energy in the body.

That is why high intensity workout or strength workout

(HIIT, weights, Power yoga,Ashtanga yoga, Vinyasa yoga ) is expressing energy out(and it is aligning masculine energy- increasing testosterone In the body)

Calming movements like tai chi, yin yoga and chi gong and Holistic ZONE excersices (Paul Chek) are uploading the new energy into the body and regulating cortisol in the body-where the body enters Parasympathetic nervous system.







Zone 1 Financial stress

Zone 2.Stress over relationship and sex

Zone 3.Personal power and self will, digestion

Zone 4.Stress over Love with others and self love

Zone 5.Communicatiohn

Zone 6.Mental congestion, lack of mental clarity or creativity”HEAL"

Quantum Leap Heal

is Structural Healing Method based on Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayurvedic healing technique and Yin Yoga.This program is focusing on Meridians (Chanels that Chi-Energy flows) which are positioned between Fascia.

The Goal is to put the Body deeply into Parasympathetic Nervous system and High Consciousness levels, so it can start healing process of the cells. We are Using "Stress detector" app before and after the session so we can instantly see is the body in Flight&Fight mode (Sympathetic NS) and how much.

Session starts with Breath-work techniques(Pranayamas) followed by Mirror-reflection technique. We are using High frequency music(432HZ,528HZ) to enhance and change low body&mind frequencies.

After taping into a deep meditation state the session is eyes closed with Jelena's Guidance of Yin Asanas, Acupressure and Breath-work.

Yin Asanas and Acupressure points in combination with Breathing techniques is the most powerful tool that Jelena created and combined together.

With cleansing and opening the channels it can come to emotional discharge which is a sign of Stored emotional Baggage from the past traumas and they are usually the cause of the physical and mental pain. Or it can come to extreme states of Peace,Love, Joy and Nothingness.

Session is ended with Reiki Healing and Guided meditation.

Now knowing what type of Movement expresses dense energies in our Body and what type of movement is taking new energy in the body choose your Movement rituals on a daily bases that you enjoy doing.

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