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Integration and Embodiment after expanded consciousness intervention Session

When we enter the doors of spiritual growth and expansion it is easy to attach ourselves to the experience,visions,wisdom, insights and revelations we have got during that session. Is that Shamanic Breathwork, Holotropic breathing therapy,Plant medicine, hypnosis, shadow work therapy and others. But without proper Integration and Embodiment of that experience it just stays that-The experience-the story u tell yourself or others. The first experience is always the Breakthrough of the dense energy, patterns and programings, unprocessed emotions which body was waiting to express,release and alchemise. You will know the breakthrough has started even before u entered the spiritual healing session with big shift or death of a comfort zone of your Physical life( death of loved ones,accident, break up,illness, abuse(emotional or physical) or it starts with depression, anxiety, pilled up emotions etc. Or before the healing session starts, Ego resistance of uncovering your subconscious and digging deep into that pain or unprocessed trauma. Every session after becomes like an onion that starts peeling the layers of Matrix that u ones believed it is the ultimate truth. Uncovering and getting to know who you really are without programing and Ego persona you have created to protect yourself from unhealed traume is a deep process and courageous dive of Death and rebirth. After the healing session: *You start questioning everything you knew about yourself and the reality you live in. *5 to 10 days after People experience scale of emotions depending of what their Ego was suppressing in the cells before the session. *Your Body can feel tired and empty as u have released big amount of stuck energy. *Mind will be confused and sensitive to other people and their beliefs as u start shifting your own towards true authentic self of expression So what is Integration and how to embody and act upon the wisdom that u've got? Integration is the embodiment of the wisdom, realisations and revelations that you’ve received during your spiritual practice. It’s about incorporating what your mind understands now with your heart, your soul and your physical body. It’s about allowing this new level of awareness and flow of energy to move through you without resistances. It’s about following through by taking ACTION and practising what you’ve internally understood during your Subconscious journey. It’s about mirroring the new awareness on all levels of physical, psychological, emotional, transpersonal and spiritual planes. It’s about walking the talk and acting on day to day bases. Example of a client: "Natalia" had a wall protection of Ego personality "I need to be successful, I need to be number one in my field, I need to earn loads of money, I am the boss and CEO,everyone around me need to work as many hours I work and suck it up and do it. She wouldn't sleep,she wouldn't have a relationship, her schedule would be -I am busy- I can't. She hit the wall of anxiety,depression,loneliness, not feeling enough, her Body was giving up on her and had overian cyst. Her relationship with her father was non existent and she felt completely rejected. During the Expanded state of consciousness session she entered her childhood where she saw her father punishing her when she wanted to play with dolls, he would lock her in the room and force her to study, if she didn't get the A's she was not allowed to come out of the house for a week. She wasn't allowed to have hobbies or play with her friends. She started wiping and soaking from tears looking her father from her inner child eyes.She started expressing and feeling anger,frustration, resentment,hurt,sadness,rejection. She build up the masculine energy personality to show her father that she is enough,that she is successful, that she is hard working so he can accept her and love her. (Next step is healing the father wound) That's were she blocked her feminine energy (which is in the womb)her flow,creativity,connection to others,empathy and Intuition got stuck. When the feminine energy doesn't flow in the womb,women in their Masculine wall protection create disorder (overian cyst, periods problems,cancer cells,fertility issues) The integration after experiencing this Subconscious innerchild trauma was step by step building herself from the scratch, connecting to her womb and changing the ways she was working and living.She has started practicing and Embodying feminine ways of bonding a d empathy in work environment. She has started dancing,yoga and started hanging out more with her girlfriends, connecting to nature and more. Some of the Embodiment and integration methods u will find on my youtube channel for easier integration. ReplyForward

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