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Hello Shadow part of Myself !

What is Shadow Work

In Jungian psychology, the Shadow refers to the part of the personality that is repressed, neglected and pushed away. It is the parts of the personality that are hidden from the metaphorical “light” of consciousness.

Usually, Shadow aspects are those that make us feel some amount of shame or guilt, either because we’ve been socially conditioned to feel that way about them, or because we feel that they are evil or otherwise undesirable qualities.

As a result, we subconsciously disassociate them from our personal sense of identity.

Shadow depends on the individual and their experiences in life. They are made of Fragmentation in Consciousness that happens after certain event in life where we divide our personality into different Avatars (energy entities) that are subconsciously "controlling" our life.

For example, if you think of yourself as a quiet and gentle person, you might suppress your anger. If you think of yourself as compassionate, you might repress your cruelty. If you think of yourself as humble, you might repress your pride. If you think of yourself as rational and sophisticated, you might repress any inclination towards emotional sensitivity and wilderness . If you think of yourself as a freedom-fighter, your Shadow might be a ruthless tyrant. If you think of yourself as innocent and pure, your Shadow might be flagrantly sexual. To a certain extent, we are all our own inverses. The Shadow isn’t quite the opposite of you, because it is still you. It is you, but… backwards. You, but reflected in a dark mirror. You, but with all of your values flipped. SM

This is not an easy walk and most people will actively resist this process where the Ego Self starts being “right” or mind starts creating illusions around trauma to escape into the comfort zone of protecting itself.

Conscious Mind believes that trauma never happened or that Shadow personality is not who they are . The Programed mind feels “safe” in comfort and resonates with familiarity and illusion that was created.

How shadow Self is Created and what is Trauma?

Trauma is event that happened in during the life existence that shaped mindset and belief system of the individual. It can be any type of event, thought, emotion, behavior that shocked the body on energetic- emotional level or the body was in the environment that event happened (epigenetic)

“Shadow SELF”

Shadow Self was created early in the childhood when the unpleasant event or trauma happened where you suppressed part of yourself. For example when u felt the emotion of Anger -you were told to be a good girl or a boy and smile instead.When you were sad u were told not to cry and have been offered with chocolate instead.

Not allowing and creating a SAFE CONTAINER and safe space for child to feel its emotions without judgement and suppression leads towards SHADOWS SELF growing inside of them.Which will lead in the future to make subconscious behaviors from shadow side of the self because it was never integrated, felt and understood.

What are the Programs?

In any situation in life we subconsciously are programed to play a game In the Matrix created. There is always triangle play of archetypal structure - A Victim, a Superhero and the Villain.

The Awareness of which character the Self is choosing to play and which emotions is driving the created archetypal structure(or we call it Anima(Feminine aspect of the Self) or Animus- Masculine aspect of the Self) to play the character is going to determine the expression of the Self in that environmental Matrix that was created.

When the Self isn't aware of the Self -the people who are Self aware will take opportunity to Manipulate and control population pretending that are the Superhero in their villain actions and drive the unconscious population to a victim consciousness driven by fear.

Certain programs can serve the best of our human existence, but most of the times we have programs that will lower the vibrational structure and put us in these 3 state of beings where all our power was taken away by program that doesn’t serve the best us.

Programs are made from 0-7 years old when subconscious mind is open and ready to upload all the informations that are given in that moment (no matter are they true or not, good or bad)- Subconscious mind doesn’t differentiate between black and white-it just takes what is.

When we are babies we are exposed to a very big range of beliefs, values and rules that this World was programed in given time of existence when you are born we call it MATRIX

(From family, school, TV, radio, friends, teachers, community etc.) The meaning of life it self human gave depending of their own programming and beliefs in that time. So, as we said above in definition Program was made with continuous repetition for long period of time that became part of who you think you are.

What is Emotional Trigger?

Trigger is emotional reaction in the body(energy in the motion) that shows up when people, event, situation or repetitive thought occurs in the moment that makes you uncomfortable. The emotional trigger is set of long term uploaded programs that were uploaded from our surroundings in childhood. Without Conscious decision of our permission do we want that or not. It is stored in our cells and Meridians where it is repeated many times to become ingrained in the subconscious action-reaction movement chemically in our body which produces the same emotional reaction which. Leads to same action an behavior.

How do u know your Shadow self is coming out to play?

“Becoming aware is the key of catching your Shadows in action.”


1.The moment u become aware u are repeating the same actions, the same thoughts and u have the same outcome which doesn’t serve you in a positive-creative way it is time to dig deep into your subconscious and work on your shadow Self.

2.The moment u lose your conscious Self and the Body, words and mind start “reacting” in ways that are subconsciously programed to act for protection, we call this defense mechanism or your dark side comes out to play.

3.The moment you your Body starts shutting down, you feel tired, lack of energy, depression, anxiety

4. The moment you become aware you are defensive in your conversations followed by actions of distracting yourself not to feel the emotions(overworking, binging, drinking, over training, dieting, self destructive behaviours) or isolating towards oneself and not wanting any help.

5. You are pleasing people and u can’t say “no”

6. You are walking on the eggshells around people u love the most as

7. You don’t respect yourself, you don’t have standards and no healthy boundaries in relationships.

How to descover your Shadow SELF?

Conscious socializing exercise is one of the awareness mirror techniques that will help you see a mirror reflection of the programs that no longer serve your body, mind and spirit.

Before you meet social circle (family, friends, partner, etc.) make sure u say to yourself that this is exercise (mirror reflection of yourself). In this project you will consciously find what triggers you the most, without any judgements, expectations or questions. Just become aware of your reactions, emotions and thoughts as they are during this process.

When u come home write them down in separate (conscious socializing journal-without trying to analyze why u were triggered and where is it coming from) This will be presented on the Integration Session with Jelena

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