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In this Divine Human existence both male and female poses divine Feminine and divine Masculine within them. And understanding the benefits of embodying both of these energies within us is crucial to fully express and create in the life time with integrity, alignment, Intuition, clarity and art. Now,coming back to us who were born in female body and understanding the global ancestral resistance of fully being a Women and what that even means truly?! Women has been in resistance to connect to their own power within for very long time, and as a mirroring effect of social Matrix of dominancy of patriarchal society. Per Zou Yan and Chinese Cosmology we live in Universe where we interact with polarities- Yin and Yang. Also in Japanese in-yō, in Eastern thought, the two complementary forces that make up all aspects and phenomena of life. Yin Feminine force is a symbol of Earth, Femaleness, darkness, passivity, absorption and receptivity. It is present in even numbers, in valleys and streams, and is represented by the tiger, the colour orange, and a broken line. Yang- Masculine force is conceived of as Heaven, Maleness, light, activity, and penetration. I'm Shamanic theology Divine Feminine Goddess presents Medicine women, a Healer,women connected to Spiritual, restoration, life, renewal, creation, birth, healing, receptivity, openness, motherhood, nurturing, love, understanding, compassion, insight, intuition, wisdom, forgiveness, the moon, connection, harmony and sensuality. Divine Masculine God presents risk-taking, Assertiveness, Action-oriented, Discipline, Boundaries, Confidence, Objectivity,Logic and analysis, Warrior Survival. Every woman is a unique expression of the Divine feminine and has or want to embody different aspects in different stages of her life. For example my souls sister has a Gift of nurturing a sacred space and being a sacred hostess for divine Feminine Ceremonies, on the other hand other sister embodies Mary Magdalen soft golden healing energy and myself a gift of entering the darkness and alchamiseing the energy to the light with holding a safe space of a Mother. To Awaken and embody divine Feminine within you we consciousnesly need to see how we had first suppressed this beautiful essence of ours and to brave to walls of Masculine protection to free our Divine Feminine. 1.SOUL MOVEMENT - is a sacred practice that focuses specifically on DIVINE SOURCE -SOUL-MIND-BODY integration to help deepen your experience of the spirit through physical activity. Movements guided by feminine intuition and soul as she channels the infinite energy and possibilities that the universe provides. Women naturally have movement energy inside of them and ussally comes out when she moves from her hips,connecting energy from her pelvic floor and channelling towards heart. 2.MEDITATION The regular practice of meditation combined with soul movement are the foundations for cultivating and experiencing the restful awareness response, an expanded state in which you are calm and rested yet also mentally alert. It’s this state of heightened awareness that allows your focus to be directed internally rather than externally. It helps you to sofften in your body and receive the energy. In the same time awakens the patience and allowance to just BE. 3.WOMB CONNECTION and SENSUALITY Regular practice of Yoni egg, Self exploration, sensuality practices,warm baths.Create a ritual with candles, essential oils.Get to know yourself intimately on all levels without limitation. 4.EXPLORE AND HEAL MOTHER WOUND Mother wound are programs,feelings, trauma and resistance u jd towards your Mother and Motherhood in general. If u have resistance towards your mother -you hold resistance towards Divine Femine within you. The most important process to come in Conection and unity with our Divine Feminine is healing within us the energy of mother we hold in our consciousness. That Doesn't men u have to hang out with your mother and become best friends - your mother doesn't even need to be alive for you to heal this part of yourself. 5.OBSERVE THE RELATIONSHIP U HAVE WITH OTHER WOMEN Do we judge other women? How's the culture Matrix in Country I grew up? What are the rules in my society that women needs to follow to be accepted? And what resistance I have towards the women around me? What are the expectations of how women need to be? This is where we start healing our Divine sisterhood. 6.INTUITION Them women connected to her womb and heart is listening to her emotions and inner guidance.The women connected to logic only Is out of touch with her feminine essence. Womanhood is being in state of receptivity and if we have walls of Masculine we are not receiving we are rejecting life. To be open to receive life is connecting to Multidimensional aspect of herself . When women are stuck in their masculine, they are so in their head that it’s very difficult for them to connect to their feminine body and do activities that will move their soul and heart. 7.EMBRACE YOUR PHYSICAL BODY The Society is in big war with female body so we are mirroring that Matrix within us and buying into the Thought Form which starts controling u on a subconscious level. Our mission is to come out of that Thought form Matrix that society created and work from our inner alignment with our Body to Consciousnesly create Vitality, Health, balancing our hormones and listen to our body. 8. THE HEART Your heart is your compass and connection to source. When connecting to your heart you connect into your truth (your higher self and soul). It can not lead you astray but lead you back to what you came here to do, or be! Not only does it connect you back into yourself and to the source you have within you, your heart also holds your desires. 9. SURRENDER If you have heard someone say “Let go and surrender” when you have been in a crisis you probably know the feeling of wanting to scream! Surrendering is a great concept, but how do you actually do it? What does it even mean? If you have been operating mostly from your masculine energy you may have a difficult time surrendering because your head will try to keep it’s control. Surrendering is letting go of the control the mind

You also can’t surrender if you are doing it from the level of the mind. It is not a process but an allowing. Surrendering is moving from the head to the heart. Let go of the fight for control. Just breathe and be willing to not know how to surrender! Just be in your willingness for something different! Love to all my Divine Sisters Jelena ReplyForward

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