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Updated: Dec 21, 2021

Lets first talk about Spirituality, what exactly spirituality is? “Spirituality Is the innate human need/desire to connect to something lager then our Ego selves(The Persona we created to believe we only are).

That connects us to deeper opening and understanding that we are much more the what we think we are. It is something that leads to SELF TRANCESNDANCE AND BEING on SERVICE TO OTHERS . Spirituality is not about being positive all the time it’s about being REAL, AUTHENTIC AND CONSCIOUS-AWARE. So, when you are aware and authentic that includes positive and negative frequency with an observations point of view for growth and lesson. If you look at the battery, u have positive and negative but it’s all one force.

You are not the emotion, not your Body, not your thoughts, not your beliefs, you are the one looking and observing all of the movements and actions of all these energies. Which will lead u towards transcendence of Ego mind personality.

Sit with the emotion and become friends with it. Change the question from : Why is this happening to me? “ to more empowering question” What is this feeling trying to tell me? “ Emotion is just energy in motion, it’s a sign that is telling -Energy is stuck somewhere in the body let her move again to flow.

Love you all


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