Dear Quantum Leap Women

 I will tell you with full honesty that there is a place that awaits your return. A place that houses the purest and most authentic version of you. 

The journey of which I speak is reserved for a select few of the awakened ones. 

In fact, the energy within you- (the Devine feminine) is compelled to reclaim your power and sovereignty.

Your Destiny does exist, do you feel it? There is a tendency to avoid this calling and sink back into the ‘normal life’ 

Do not give your ear to the comparisons between societal you and the Devine you. For it is not a fair comparison.

All versions of your identity are most likely created by way of imagination and social conditioning, but the real heartfelt energy within you differs greatly.


I will state a great Truth

You have adopted the habits and behaviors of a societal archetypical woman.

This Normality is your enemy. You cannot afford to embody any of its energy. You cannot afford to indulge in this limelight.


This energy is a Vortex which consumes those who allow themselves to be consumed.

There are those moments in your life in which you are FREE. You are engaged and lost in all the possibilities before you, You are tuned in. You are a powerful Goddess flowing through rivers and mountains under an infinite sky.


And then there are the moments in which you doubt, hesitate, struggle, and play small. You are captured by indecision and consumed by emotion. You entertain irrelevant conflicts, and grasp at every straw in order to stay afloat.

This must be overcome in order to transcend the next serendipitous moment that awaits you.

I will share with you a secret

When the goddess flows in full power, she feels no pain. But when she stops, she opens herself to the potential low frequency emotions and situations of the world. Her conflicts, indecisions, struggles, and pains are not the result of natural setbacks or fluctuations of the circumstance or any such thing.

Understand this: To the eye it seems that when there is conflict or problems or struggles, that one must learn how to get over them, and how to deal with them. But the Truth is that such things arise not because you don’t know how to deal with them.

They arise because you are not seeing the light

They arise because you are living in Mind, rather than complete consciousness which only exists exclusively in this very moment.

They arise because you haven’t yet realised who you once were and still are. 

She sees her life on fire and after the fire has been put out, she searches for the thing that may have created it.

She finds nothing


And for the rest of her life she struggles in finding the answer.

But what never entertains the goddess is the possibility that the fire arose from the romantic belief system she adopted in early childhood.


When speaking with all people of the world, to be engaged with full presence.

When making nourishing food, to be engaged with full presence.

When performing her art, to be engaged in full presence.

The steady and courageous forward movement of her journey towards her true self will keep away the creatures and the demons that lie forever in wait.


Dear QLWoman, you must understand that remembering and stepping into your truth is not a spiritual luxury to spend decades “working toward.”

Such is the path of a wasted existence.

The ultimate expression of the Devine feminine is the only way to live.

It is the necessity of necessities.

It is the truth of truths.

It is not spiritual!

It is purity.

To be real.

To be engaged.

To be lost.

To be oblivious to all but Life itself.

No matter the circumstances.

She must keep her energy flowing.

This keeps her from playing small.

This keeps the creatures and the demons away.

This will allow her learn who she Really is.

This will allow her to stand witness to the highest of all heights.

To see the world at a broad scope with one eye, and on a immersion level with the other.

It is not a strategy that makes a woman Divine.

It is an permanent arrival to the visceral truth of who she is.

It is not thinking that makes this happen

It is turning off the mind and stepping into pure state of consciousness.

It is not doing things for others that makes a woman complete.

It is becoming so fulfilled within herself that she becomes naturally available to do the same for others.

It is not the goals, status or material possessions that make a woman Divine.

It is having figured out herself so completely that she becomes free to birth an unimaginable future of abundance into reality. 



Dear QLWoman, there are three great challenges that must be transcended.

Do not underestimate life’s ability to tempt you down these pathways.

For they have consumed generations of great women.

One is self worth.

Two is the physical manifestation of you.

Three is societies pressures to play a certain role.

I will not tell you to simply get over them.

I will, however, suggest there is a way.

A genuine way.

An organic way.

Such that these illusions will leave of their own accord.

In getting through this low vibrational temptation, your skies will be clear forever.

In transcending these energies, you will have reached the nirvana of the feminine existence.

And you will never in your life, feel the need to search for anything again.

Freedom awaits Goddess .

Your curiosity has brought here to my attention.

But there is much to do in order for you to step into the unimaginable, limitless and highest state of existence the Divine has always written in stone since the day you were born

- J E L E N A  P E T E L I N K A R -