Trance Meridian Healing Session

Is channeled and opened electromagnetic field of high vibrational energy that flows in the circle of Safe space, Guidance of initiated spiritual guide/medium/channeler, unconditional love,support,flow and full Acceptance. 


What is safe container ?

“The Safe Container “ is  a safe space that is created by Prayer, Intentions and Divine Source energy of full Acceptance of the client ,their emotions and their expression-without judgements and expectations , where the Session / Healing is held by Trance Medium/ Facilitator 


The Guide itself enters the altered state of consciousness first to open up the field then guides the participants through breath-work techniques, light language singing, channeled mantras, crystal bowls and drumming and Acpressure techniques with "Hmm ing" to enter the state of releasing the Ego mind and control that mind has on them. 


When electromagnetic field is opened the human body enters altered state of consciousness where healing starts. The high frequency field itself starts moving the blockages of energies within the Meridians, cells and dna to transmute and alchemise energy to vibrate as per divine blueprint that was created in a first place. 


The Ceremony flows through waves of visions,emotions, discomfort, purge an ends with pure bliss of unconditional love and gratitude.

The Preparation:

1. Wear white comfortable clothes 

2. 24h prior avoid sexual interaction 

3. 24h prior avoid heavy processed food and animal products 

4. Minimum 2 days prior avoid alcohol or any substance.

5. 2 hours before session stop drinking water and eating food 


After the session u will feel depleted of energy and it is recommended not see anyone,take a shower and go to sleep.


The next day Integration starts where the Ego mind will be a little bit confused as u completely changed the frequency of your own body and auric field. 


Mind needs 7 to max 10 days to rebirth new Self and integrate new energies.

Price/ Energy exchange 

1:1 Session 850 aed 

Full Moon Group Ceremony

500 aed per person