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Divine Feminine Mentorship

1. Session

Healing the Mother Wound- Diving deep into subconscious mind and Womb-healing your suppressed or overdeveloped wounded feminine

2. Session

Healing The Father wounds- Diving deep into believes, patterns and healing your wounded masculine energy

3. Session

Healing Ancestral Trauma and regaining the gifts of the family tree

4. Session

Inner child Therapy

5. Session

Fragmentation -split and suppression of the Archetypes within the Self- which leads to Integration and embodiment

6. Session

Feminine Womb energy cleansing -Awakening and embodying the Divine Feminine Archetypes Education

7 . Session

Confidence and Self-esteem embodiment through Womb healing

8. Session 

Healing Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine and Integrations of both energies

9. Session

Revisiting the Subconscious and cleaning up 

10. Session

Embodiment of new Paradigms, plan and action program creation with Conscious blessing ritual with "Rapeh " and Cacao


PACKAGE 10x Sessions
6500 aed