QLW is restructuring and challenging the Global Thought and Belief forms created for manipulation and control the Body & Mind.

Challenges the Historical Social programing of Patriarchy, Colonization, dualistic thought, hierarchy, competition, 

state of a victim, separation, and transmuting into the state of Sovereignty and Empowerment and Union.


it is Educational program of  The Self as a Pure Consciousness and The Body as a vehicle of the Self awareness that decodes the frequencies into reality .



It is Spiritual, Emotional, Mental  and Physical Immersion Process which teaches you to enter your own Infinite Sovereignty, Deeply understand how your Bodily functions work and how u can help  organs and cells  work in Harmony so the body can become the cleanest channel for decoding infinite possibilities and allow the Self to consciously create  day to day reality.


The Sovereign being that u are is “free being of expression and creation  “  with full present moment of awareness and ability to transform physical  matter through directing vibrational frequencies that you consciously create from within. 


Sovereignty gives Your true essence to express spiritually, emotionally, mentally and physically through this life existence and connect to a higher consciousness levels where you are responsible, in charge  and in creation of Self Health, Self Love, Self understanding, Self realization, Self transformation, Self exploration, Self expansion, Self transcendence  and Self Mastery through the body as a channel.


You will enroll on a journey and practices that will transmute and unblock the energies  in the Meridians into life experiences -where the body starts creation of a new Neural Pathways and Neurotransmitters connections which leads you towards new decisions ,new perspective, clear view of who you truly are without Global thought programs.

With Changing the environment of the bodily state inwards and outwards we are scientifically able to change the expression of the genes and lengthening the Telomeres, heal the body, increase youth and well being, tap into the state of Abundance, peace, ease and purpose.

We call this process Epigenesis.

In this process you will learn:

  1. Consciously how to change the environment of your Physical body

  2. Intuitively learn to trust your Self and chose the high frequency food

  3. Become the Alchemist of the programed Thought forms lingering in the Body as an energy density, transmute the Belief system that you subconsciously develop from childhood, ancestors and Global Society.

  4. Direct emotional vibrations and transcend them into Wisdom.

5. Learn how to create Sovereignty consciousness, have descernament, speak the truth and stand in your power.


6. Emotionally we will tap deep into waves of inner motions- observe the as the signals that guide the existence in this realm.


7. Mentally we will learn how to enter awareness of the The Mind itself, watch and observe the minds functions and be able to work and create with the Mind .

8. Learn to create Magic with your Womb, honor and make rituals with your Moon Cycles.

You are essential  to evolution of the Whole Earth Existence. 



Jelena Petelinkar