Who is Jelena Petelinkar

Jelena is creator of “Quantum Leap Wellness” Mentorship Program  

She is Extremely Passionate Holistic Entrepreneur, Conscious Specialist and Researcher in Cognitive behavioral Healing Modalities, Naturopathic Healing, Movement & Yoga Science, Striving to merge and make a bridge between Quantum physics and Physical World with tools and techniques that Transcends the Human Body, Mind and Spirit.


She specializes in releasing and transmuting the Subconscious emotional and mental blockages, that free the mind and physical body from stress so people can serve the Planet Earth with passion and full sovereignty that holds freedom of expression, confidence and creation.


With 13 years of experience in Wellness industry,Naturopathic Medicine, Life Coaching and Holistic Intuitive Healing, Jelena is using the most effective and profound Methods that she have learned and experienced during her Studies around the World to help people transmute and transform Physical, Mental,Emotional and Spiritual Body to invite people to live in full alignment with their true Self of expression, creation and sovregnity.


Helping people who feel out of alignment with their Mind, Body and life existence.

She is helping people through Source channeled  energy  mirror themselves and see who they really are and shed all barriers that they build around the self-love, body image, love for life and people around them.

You will feel the call to work with Jelena when u  are ready to dive deep into the shadows.

Education till day-

1. Graduate Health&Sport University-Serbia

2.AdvanceYin& Vinyasa Yoga Teacher- Bali

3.Level 3 & 4 Personal trainer, Uk

4.Licensed group instructor(Pilates&Aerobic),Serbia

5..Law high school "Dimitrije Davidovic" Serbia

6.Holistic Nutrition, level 2,Uk

7.Student of Da Vinci Naturopathic Medicine University

8.RSCI Hypnotherapist and NLP coach,Dubai

9.RSCI Life Coach,Dubai

10.Spiritual response therapy,Dubai

11.UPW Tony Robbins, London

12.Reiki, level 2,Dubai

13.Deepak Chopra-U  are the Universe,Amsterdam

14.Sadghuru -Dubai

15.Fitness Coach - Final degree "Prenatal Fitness" -University Serbia

16.PAUL CHEK Holistic Lifestyle Coach

17.PAUL CHEK Holistic Health and Performance for Women

18.Arthur Fidnlay Collage - Mediumship course

19.Plant Medicine: Ayahuasca, Yopo, Peyote, Bufo Alvarius

Truly Yours

Jelena Petelinkar